Arbor Ridge residents finding new places to live

Residents and staff at Arbor Ridge are locating new homes and jobs after finding out the facilities would be closing. KRCG 13 Photo

Residents at Arbor Ridge Manor said Wednesday they are getting flooded with offers for another place to live.

Arbor Ridge Manor resident Cathy Serino said everyone at the Linn residential care facility now either has another place to live or is reviewing offers. She said the facility's staff are finding new jobs as well.

Residents and staff at Arbor Ridge Manor and Belle's Arbor Ridge Estates were told on Monday morning the two facilities would be closing on Dec. 3. Serino said the announcement took everyone by surprise and left residents scrambling to find new housing. The two facilities house more than 30 adults living with disabilities. By late Tuesday, offers of help were flooding in.

"There have been people from facilities all around the state either calling or showing up, basically trying to recruit people. We've even had people offer to help us pack," she said. "The support since this has gone public has just been amazing."

RayAnne and Jeffrey Strubberg own both facilities. The couple had faced a series of lawsuits concerning their finances over the past year. Court documents show UMB Bank sued after their company, Kindred Care LLC, fell more than a quarter-million dollars in debt dating back to April of 2014. Kindred Care agreed in July of this year to pay nearly $264,000 plus interest. The Strubbergs filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May, claiming nearly $3.9 million in liabilities against barely $242,000 in assets. A federal judge discharged their debt on Nov. 9, thereby preventing creditors from attempting to collect on the debt. The Strubbergs are still facing a breach of contract lawsuit from Linn Community Skilled Care.

At Arbor Ridge Manor, Serino said the flood of offers had dramatically improved the mood among residents.

"Yesterday and Monday, it was very scary because none of us had any idea what was going to happen, but the whole tone has changed so much in the last 24 hours," she said. "Everyone's a lot more upbeat."

KRCG 13 could not locate the Strubbergs at their listed address, and a phone number for Arbor Ridge Residential LLC had been disconnected. Their lawyer did not return calls seeking comment.

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