Apartment Managers Prepare for Students

Columbia leaders hope their city can handle the explosion of student housing.

Owners and managers of Columbiaâ??s newest student housing complexes are preparing for a large influx of college students during the next 2 weeks.

One of the largest new apartment complexes is â??The Domainâ?? near the intersection of Stadium and Highway 63. Domain owner Mark Lindley said he is sold out as he prepares for more than 650 students.

The Domain offers one, two, and four bedroom apartment flats and townhomes. It has the largest resort style pool in Columbia with plenty of extras. Lindley has a waiting list for his units.

Managers at Brookside Apartments near Downtown Columbia told us their new units for this year will be done on time and some residents have the opportunity to move in early.

Students wanting to move into Aspen Heights on time near Grindstone Parkway will have to wait about 2 weeks because of some construction delays. Those students will be offered gift cards and hotel rooms for their trouble.

Aspen Heights spokesman Stuart Watkins said, â??For that inconvenience, we really want to show to our residents that we care about them. We are definitely putting their needs first. Hopefully, this small token of offering them a gift card will show them that we are sorry this delay.â??

Columbia leaders hope their city can handle the explosion of student housing.

Columbia Chamber President Matt McCormick said, â??They feel what they need is there. Weâ??re all about free enterprise. We really leave that up to the private sector. If they see that the market needs it, then they are able to provide that need to the market.â??

Student housing managers expect the majority of Columbiaâ??s college students to move in their units during the middle of next month.

Columbia city leaders are thinking about changing their tree preservation ordinance because of the large amount of trees removed during the construction of new student housing.