Another mid-Missouri city to consider Tobacco 21 ordinance

Meeting at Osage Beach City Hall scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday (FILE)

The Osage Beach Board of Aldermen is expected to consider raising the legal tobacco purchase age at their meeting Thursday.

According to the agenda online, Alderman Jeff Bethurem stated he had been working with City Attorney Ed Rucker regarding the city’s tobacco ordinance, which currently allows individuals to purchase tobacco products at the age of 18, and he would like to see the ordinance changed to the age of 21.

Bethurem introduced Jean Horral with Smokefree at the Lake who gave a brief overview of the use of various tobacco products that children as young as 13 were able to obtain from high school students who are 18.

The document also stated on a roll class vote all board members voted in favor of moving the proposed ordinance change forward.

Earlier this week, Jefferson City voted and adopted Tobacco 21 Monday and put the law into effect immediately.

Supporters of the policy said it dramatically reduces the chance someone will become a smoker later in late.

Opponents have argued the law would hurt businesses and questioned how it would stop an 18-year-old from going to a nearby town where it's legal for them to purchase tobacco.

The Board of Aldermen will discuss the issue 6 p.m. at City Hall located at 1000 City Parkway.

If passed, Osage Beach will be the 12th community in the state to adopt the ordinance. It would join Columbia and Jefferson City as the third city in mid-Missouri to make the change.

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