Animal shelter prepares for winter

Callaway Animal Shelter prepares for winter and keeping animals warm.

Winter is a busy time for Callaway Hills Animal Shelter.

The no-kill shelter in New Bloomfield currently provides a home for 21 cats and 27 dogs of all breeds and sizes.

This time of year is when volunteers feel the strain of being short staffed.

"In the winter time it seems like people can't take care of them and I think the economy has a lot to do with it too. In the winter time we usually see more dogs getting dumped off and things."

Bob Schnieders has been volunteering at Callaway Hills for more than 8 years.

He said the winter season brings added tasks to his animal care routine.

"On the outside we have to come around in the morning and break the ice first on the water so they can get a drink, and then we have to go back around and do it again usually if it keeps freezing temperatures all day. So it's a lot more of a chore in the winter than in the summer," said Schnieders.

Each outdoor dog has it's own house that volunteers add straw to inwinter to keep them warm.

Indoor animals have blankets in their kennels and a heater keeps the temperature above freezing.

Though the shelter struggles with funding,they get by with donations that have increased with the holidays approaching.

"Here lately it's been kind of a steady flow of donations really, and we're happy about that," said Schnieders.

You can donate by dropping off items at the shelter on State Road TT and get more information as well as photos of animals up for adoption by finding Callaway Hills Animal Shelter on Facebook.