Animal organizations need donations for Joplin pets

The tornado that destroyed Joplin has also left hundreds of animals hurt and homeless.

KRCG's Facebook crew talked with animal rescue groups to find out what they're doing help.

A number of groups are teaming up with ASPCA in Joplin to help search for missing animals.

A temporary shelter has been setup until they can reunite them with their families.

"Right now we have about 40 person team on the ground. We have two warehouse buildings where we have the animals setup in. one is for the dogs and the other is for the cats, ASPCA Tim Rickey said.

Rickey said they have about 250 animals at the shelter right now, but he thinks their numbers will top 500.

Most of the animals they're finding are injured and need help.

"We have several teams of veterinarians doing triage on these animals as they come in. We're seeing major lacerations, broken bones, eye injures, and just fairly standard injuries we see with tornadoes like this, Rickey said.

There has been a lot of concern for the animals in Joplin and the ASPCA realizes not everyone can go.

So they're asking those groups to gather supplies and money to send it down.

That's exactly what Ruth Elledge is doing.

"The items we've been requesting are food, bedding, blankets, and things like that. They always say cash is the best donation and i tend to agree with that, Founder of Project SNAP Ruth Elledge said.

Elledge also wants to remind everyone that pets are a part of the family. So don't forget about them in this disaster.

"Anyone who has a pet know it's part of the family. I just can't imagine what I would feel like right now if one of my animals was missing, Elledge said.

If you would like to help donate supplies or money to help animals in Joplin, please drop them off at 335 Tomahawk Road or 304 Troy Street, Jefferson City, MO.

You can also drop donations off at the Animal Medical Center off Dix Road in Jefferson City.

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The tornado that hit Joplin Sunday has destroyed businesses, schools, churches, houses, and even some people's pets.

So the ASPCA setup a shelter in Joplin to help animals affected by the violent tornado.

We spoke with them and other animal organizations to find out what they need during this rough time.

Find out tonight at ten what they had to say.