An inspirational trip to a garden

The gardens were not very "garden-y."

This spring is going to be a busy one for me. Because I donâ??t have a free weekend until mid-April, I wanted to get in as many adventures this past weekend as I could.

Milo and I ended up visiting three places. The first one was alright, the last two were a bust.

First up: the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at Battle Garden! This is off of Stadium between Forum and Providence. I had been there before to cover stories, so I wanted to go back and check it out. This was a nice, serene place to take Milo. If we were looking for a quiet place to relax on a Sunday afternoon, this would be a fabulous spot, but Milo wasnâ??t feeling the â??serene-nessâ?? as much as I was. As soon as we got there, he was sniffing all over the placeâ?¦ fun for him, frustrating for me!

At the memorial, there is a spiral design made out of granite (I think) placed in the ground. Itâ??s very mesmerizing to look at. When you walk up just a couple small steps there are these pillars that increase in size. On each pillar is an inspirational quote from King. It was a great feeling reading all of the uplifting quotations. Unfortunately Milo didnâ??t appreciate the tranquil environment like I did. But he had fun anyway sniffing out all the scents.

Surrounding the memorial are, what I assume to be, beautiful gardens. Obviously right now, everything is dead. Bad timing on my part, but on Columbiaâ??s website the gardens look all bright and colorful in the spring/summer!

Another plus to this site is easy access to the Katy Trail. Itâ??s on the other side of the parking lot. So the memorial and gardens area would be the perfect place to take a breath and wind down after a jog, walk, or bike ride on the trail!

After our visit to the MLK memorial and gardens Milo and I decided to head out of town. I realized we never have gone north for an adventure, so thatâ??s exactly what we did!

Unfortunately, the 2 places we went to ended up being very unfriendly for dogs, and pedestrians, for that matter.

Iâ??ll blog about that unsuccessful, but still very neat, adventure next time.

Stay tuned for more!

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