American Idol winner, Mo. native David Cook plays local show

Missouri native and television's American Idol winner David Cook played at the University of Missouri's Science and Technology's Leach Theatre to a sold out crowd last night.

The musician sat down with KRCG to talk about his tour, family and success after the winning on the popular show. He says it's always fun to play in the Show-Me state.

"Everything's been so nuts in the last year-and-a-half," said Cook. "Making it on the show, I've been doing some amazing things. Anytime I can come home. I feel a little bit more comfortable. I love that."

Originally from Blue Springs, just outside Kansas City, Missouri Cook graduated from University of Central Missouri in 2006. After he got his degree he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and joined a band. When auditions for American Idol came along Cook couldn't let it pass him by. Although he has been traveling all over the world since his success on the show he always loves coming home to Missouri.

"People seem, to have a whole lot of pride which is cool," said Cook. "Giving people some sort of a common bond. It's a huge honor."

Honor didn't come easy for the rock star; it was his nerves that almost got him kicked off American Idol.

"The first show I was a wreck," said Cook. "They had to blow dry the armpits of my shirt because I was just freaking out. And then I just started having fun and then everything just fell into place."

The popular show also gave Cook more confidence in his writing.

"It pushed me to be a little bit more open," he said. "I've become a little bit more honest, before Idol I always wrote kind of therapeutic|. too where I kind of rid of all the insecurities.

Despite his insecurities Cook always knew his calling.

"I knew i was always gonna be a musician," he said. "I knew I was always gonna play shows. Idol's given me the opportunity to do what I love to do everyday."

His biggest sacrifice in fame is his family

"I missed some birthdays," said Cook. "I missed some holidays. My family's great. They know that at this stage in my life this is what I'm supposed to be doing."

Cook does anticipate touring in the Philippines and Europe later on.