Alumni pack hotel for Cotton Bowl watch party

Fans react to MU's firs touchdown of the night.

Shouts and chants of â??M-I-Z, Z-O-Uâ?? filled the air Friday night as MU alumni gathered to cheer on their Tigers.

More than a hundred Tiger fans gathered at the Holiday Inn Executive Center for a watch party sponsored jointly by the Tiger Quarterback Club and the Boone County chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association. Julie Kammerich, a board memer for the latter organization, told KRCG 13 Friday nightâ??s event marked the first time the two organizations had put on an event like this in some time.

â??I just wanted to do this to help promote spirit for those of us who stayed in Columbia,â?? she said.

Kammerich said the two organizations kept the watch party open to members of the public, allowing people to drop in as they pleased.

The combination of devoted fans and a high-stakes bowl game led to deafening cheers every time MU scored or made big strides on the field. After the Tigers got on the scoreboard first, the eventâ??s emcee stood on a table, grabbed a microphone and led the room in a chorus of â??M-I-Z, Z-O-Uâ?? chants.

Some fans, like Leigh Habermehl, had never been to an alumni watch party before. Habermehl, who moved to Columbia recently, said she was impressed by the Tigers and wanted to attend more watch parties in the future.

â??Itâ??s been a great time. Weâ??d do this again for sure,â?? she said.

Other fans, like David Mountjoy, have attended many watch parties before. He said getting together with a crowd of alumni is much more fun than watching the game at home.

â??Itâ??s a great way to share a lot of the ups and downs with other fans,â?? he said.

Kammerich said the watch partyâ??s success means the two organizations will likely co-sponsor similar events in the future.