Almeta Crayton in a Coma

Crayton is best known for her work with the poor.

One of Columbiaâ??s biggest crusaders against poverty is in a coma tonight.

Former councilwoman Almeta Crayton is fighting for her life at a Columbia hospital.

Most people call her Miss Almeta. Crayton experienced heart trouble Tuesday morning.

Crayton is best known for her work with the poor. This is the time of year she usually prepares for her annual Everyone Eats Program which feeds hundreds of people who normally would not have a thanksgiving meal. Crayton also operated a neighborhood resource center that provided food, clothing and housing. Lorenzo Lawson has worked by her side for the past 13 years. Lawson last talked to Crayton on Saturday when she told him she decided to schedule open heart surgery.

Lawson said, â??Almeta doesnâ??t look for any credit or anything. A lot of the things that she does nobody knows about except for the people that sheâ??s doing it for. She gets calls in the middle of the night. Sheâ??s always available for people. People stop by and she does whatever she can.â??

After all of the support she has given to the Columbia community, Lawson said itâ??s time for us to help Almeta.

Lawson said, â??We want the community to lift her up in prayer and we are praying that God will heal her and bring her back.â??

Family members did not want to comment on Craytonâ??s condition as she remains in intensive care.

Crayton served as a Columbia City Councilwoman from 1999-2008.