Alderman resignations rock Ashland

Two Ashalnd alderman announced their immediate resignations Tuesday.

The City of Ashland government faces more political changes.

Three City Alderman announced their resignations effective immediately.

KRCG 13 received copies of the resignation letters from Ward 2 Alderman John Hills, Ward 3 Alderman Carl Long, and Ward 1 David Thomas Tuesday afternoon.

In his resignation letter, John Hills stated he â??agreed to serve as Ward 2 Alderman until the city was stabilized, after the former city administrator, police chief, and city attorney were not reappointed.â??

Carl Long wrote in his resignation letter that former Mayor Mike Jackson appointed him â??to come back on board with the goal of hiring a new police chief and new city administrator. I completed that obligation and feel my job is done and am going back into retirement.

The resignations are the latest political problems for the city. Last week, The Ashland Board of Aldermen voted to drop impeachment proceedings against Ward 2 Alderman Jeff Anderson.