I feel like I need to go through the 12-step program for some of the apps on my iPhone " specifically, Words with Friends.I used to have an iPod touch and would play on there, but was never good at keeping it charged enough to continue games each day. Now that my iPod is my phone as well, I always keep it charged. As such, I accept games from just about anyone.It seriously is an addiction. The game builds my knowledge of words, even when people cheat, because I want to know what the words mean, and after I TMve looked them up, I remember them. Then, they end up as words on later boards in later games with other friends.Currently, I have 8 games going on my phone. This morning, I woke up to 3 games with friends who had played words in the six hours I had been sleeping. I just can TMt get away from the game.And I hate cheating, and I hate losing, so when I lose to someone cheating, it makes me mad, but I deal with it and rematch them so I win the next game.This game is probably one of the more fun games I TMve ever played, but I TMm definitely a word nerd. I say that knowing the new cool thing is playing some game called Angry Birds, and Tap Tap Revolution. Just not interested in those games.Even today, as I was in meetings most of the day, I got a new game request from a new friend " my 8th current game " the opponent a person I knew in a previous life, or in a previous place I have lived (and there have been five places in six years!). I accepted the game immediately.I just can TMt quit playing. If you TMre battling the same addiction, and aren TMt quite ready to let go yet, sign on. Play me (spup1122). You might win, occasionally, but I TMll give you a run for your money every time, or at least, will pretend to give you a run for your money.