Abused animals improving; arrests pending

Arrests are pending in an animal abuse case in Morgan County that resulted in the rescue of dozens of animals.

Most of the abused dogs, cats, horses, and goats seized from a Morgan County farm on May 6 are improving, and deputies say they plan to make arrests in the case after veteranary reports become available.

Jeane Jae of the Humane Society of Missouri said many of the approximately 120 dogs and cats saved from the Morgan County property have been adopted, and many still unadopted will soon be spayed or nuetered as a final step toward adoption.

Meanwhile, the horses are also doing well, according to Jae, although their larger size requires a longer healing time. At least one of the mares has foaled since being rescued.

Jae says none of the animals will be returned to the owners of the Morgan County property from which they were taken. "Once they are surrendered by the owners, they would not go back to the owners," she said.

Investigators in Morgan County say there will be arrests in the case. Lt. Mike Nienhuis says the sheriff's department is still waiting for reports from veteranarians and the humane society detailing the extent of the abuse suffered by the animals before charges are filed.

Who may be charged and with what specific crimes has not been determined at this time, according to Nienhuis.