A Tea Party in a corn field with Herman Cain

Have you ever been to a tea part in a Holts Summit corn field. There was one hosted in Holts Summit today.

William Temple who portrays Button Guinnett, told us "Restoring the constitution is what the tea party is all about."

Now this location is called a Patriots Field of Dreams as people from all over the nation gather for a "Rally of Common Sense."

A patron from Illinois stated, "The government's just out of control."

Strong opinions were well received by many speakers such as Rev. C.L. Bryant who said, "There is a certain mindset that has brought about an insanity in this country."

Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain even made the trip. Herman explained why he made the visit to Missouri, "The people in Missouri believe in liberty and freedom. It was important for me to come to encourage them and to inspire them to keep the faith in the job we have ahead. That's why I came back to Missouri and I'll be back again."