A step back in time at the Thresher's Show

This weekend marked the 52nd annual Steam Engine and Threshing Show in Rosebud. It was a chance to step back in time, and learn a little history in the process.

The loud whistles blowing are a familiar sound every July in Rosebud. Old timers, along with the entire community come together for the Steam Engine and Threshers Show.

Sponsored by the Owensville Threshers Association, the Thresher's Show displays how old steam tractor engines were once used to supply power for plowing, threshing, sawing and grinding.

Nine-year-old Wyatt Bridgeman has been coming to the Thresher's Show his entire life. He says his favorite part is the parade, along with seeing his dad pull in the antique tractor pull, and Wyatt knows exactly what dad has, "An Oliver 88 and an Oliver 77 too."

The steam engines are perhaps the main attraction of the show. Larry Keeven is the proud owner of a steam engine that was built in 1923. He says caring for the engine has become a passion, "It has turned into almost an obsession when you got this size toy sitting in your back yard!"

Antique engines were also running and on display all weekend, while many demonstrators showed a different way of life many years ago.

Kathleen Barger-Harbert raises her own sheep and then spins their wool. She's a Rosebud native and she's thankful mother nature cooperated at this year's show, "You know it's always miserably hot, this is a nice weekend though. We always come up."

From the old steam engines, to petting a pony or even a zebra, there was something for kids of ages.

"Because we see where we came from from over 100 years ago," Keeven explained.

Members of the Threshers Association say it's a lot of work to keep the show going, but it's all worth it, when the youngsters see the past...first hand.