A standout on the dirt track

Cameron Moser is a unique driver at Callaway Raceway since she's only twelve years old and she's a girl.

Every Friday night, engines rev, tires spin and dirt flies as racers battle it out on the dirt track at Callaway Raceway.

Cameron Moser is quite different from the other drivers.

She's just 12 years-old, on her way to the 7th grade and she's the only girl out there.

"I got a new car and we practiced for a couple of years and eventually when I was 11 we decided to race," Cameron said.

"I'm proud to see my girls race," Cameron's dad, Mark Moser said. "If they like doing it, then I like doing it. It keeps me busy and gives me something to do."

Cameron's dad said winning races at Callaway Raceway takes 50-percent car, 50-percent driver. He adds Cameron has a special talent.

"Determination," Mark said. "She has a lot of determination. She doesn't like to lose."

Cameron said when she's on the track she gets a little nervous.

"All of the other drivers are more experienced," Cameron said. "I need to learn the gears a little bit better, I need to get used to wearing a helmet in 90 degree heat."

On May 23rd, with hundreds of people in the stands, Cameron entered her first race at the raceway.

"I'm proud," Mark said. "She hung in there, done a good job... got a trophy for the first time, she's hooked."

Cameron and her car, "39-cents" took home 3rd place.

"The best part is when you actually win and you get out there and everyone is cheering you on," Cameron said.

Mark said, with time, Cameron will get more confident, faster and will be a force to be reckoned with.

"It's a lot of fun and I want to keep doing it," Cameron said.

After the Fourth of July, Cameron and all the other drivers will be at Callaway Raceway every Friday night through September.