A St. Robert female attacked by her ex

A Pulaski County man is facing multiple sex crime charges after an incident with an ex girlfriend, Friday June 14th.

A St. Robert police officer responded to a report of a disturbance near the Trinity Club.

When the officer got there, the victim was bleeding from the nose and also had cuts, bruises, and a ripped shirt.

The female victim, who remains anonymous, told the officer she had been attacked.

During the victimâ??s conversation with the officer, the accused attacker started running in their direction. Police arrested the St. Robert man identified as 40-year-old, John Mullings.

The victim said she was at a home earlier in the night with Mullings but when the victim left the home, Mullings followed without invite.

Later in the evening, when the victim was walking near the 7-11 club, Mullings grabbed her from behind in a choke-hold and dragged her behind a building. Once Mullings had the victim behind a building he allegedly punched her in the face and sexually assaulted her.

Mullings has been charged with forcible sodomy, deviate sexual intercourse by sexual compulsion, kidnapping and domestic assault.

Both Mullings and the victim agreed they had been in a prior relationship.

Mullings is at the Pulaski County jail on a $500,000 bond.