A rare full moon occurs tonight

Full moon via NASA

NEW BLOOMFIELD, MO -- Tonight will feature a full moon which will be rare for a few reasons.

The first is that it will fall on Friday the13th. The last time there was a full moon on Friday the 13th in June was 1919 and the last time there was a full moon on Friday the 13th in any month was in 2000. It will also coincide with the moon's perigee. Itâ??s perigee is when the moon is closest to the earth during its orbit. It will be closer to the earth because the moon takes an egg-like orbit around the Earth. This means that the moon will appear very large on the horizon.

The full moon of June has a few different names:

Strawberry moon: Strawberries are typically harvested during the month of June. It is also referred to the Honey moon and in Europe it is deemed the Rose Moon.

The moon will give off an amber-ish glow. The reason for its color is because of the scattering of longer wavelengths of light in the atmosphere by dust and pollution â?? similar to the reason we see reds, yellows and oranges during sunset.

The moon will officially be â??fullâ?? at 11:11 PM central time. If you do not get a chance to view it Thursday night, it will be nearly full again on Friday night.

If you get a good picture of the strawberry moon, send it our way!