A random act of kindness from a stranger

In the fast-paced world we live in today, good deeds might seem hard to come by. But one family recently discovered there are still good people out there.

Mitch and Carman Newman are like most families with three kids. Their life is a bit hectic and one thing they can always count on...there's never a dull moment. Having dinner out is no exception, and the kids proved that when they recently ate at the White Rose in Union Missouri.

"Logan was literally climbing that wall, trying to play the juke box," mother Carman Newman said, "Chelsea was pacing back and forth walking around on the booth...and yelling, both of them were we kept shushing."

Despite all the commotion, the Newmans were able to eat their meal. When they were finished the waitress brought them their ticket, but that ticket was unlike any other they had ever seen before. It was a hand-written note that read, "God bless from a Christian from Louisiana. I love children. Amen". It turns out another couple who was eating at the same time and noticed the energetic young family and paid their ticket.

"I got a little teary-eyed," Carman said about having her family's meal paid for.

Mitch caught the couple outside to thank them, and found out life wasn't perfect for them either, but they just wanted to help someone out.

Mitch Newman explained what the man told him, "He said I'm a walking miracle. He said he was diagnosed with melanoma and was given three months to live, but that was four years ago."

Cassy Robeen was the Newman's waitress that evening and remembers the man coming up to the counter with his wife and paying for their bill.

"They were really quiet about it and they just left right afterwards," Cassy said.

We may never know who the nice couple from Louisiana was, or what they were doing in the small-town cafe. But perhaps a lesson is to be learned as waitress Cassy said, "There still are nice people in the world. Everyone could use a helping hand sometimes."

Carman Newman is an elementary teacher for the Gasconade County R-II Schools.