A purple dress with a purpose

A Mizzou student, that TMs just about to get her PH.D., is on another mission this month.

Ashley Hasty started an unusual fundraising project to help fight a disease that doesn TMt get very much attention.

About a year ago, doctors diagnosed Ashley with Crohn TMs Disease, a disease that damages your bowels. Last summer, Ashley TMs Crohn TMs Disease went into remission after surgery. Now that she TMs symptom free, Ashley decided to start The Purple Dress Project. She TMll be wearing the same purple dress every day this month to raise awareness for The Crohn TMs and Colitis Foundation of America.

Ashley said, I had never heard of it before. I didn TMt know anyone who had Crohn TMs Disease. It was pretty embarrassing. A lot of the symptoms are not something that people like to talk about.

Ashley overcame her embarrassment of this bowel disease. She hopes The Purple Dress Project makes it easier for everyone to talk about Crohn TMs Disease and its symptoms. While most people know that breast cancer is associated with pink, not too many people know that purple is associated with Crohn TMs Disease. Wearing the same purple dress everyday is a little more difficult than Ashley thought it would be.

Ashley said, We TMre only a week in and it TMs already been tough. I TMm enjoying it. I get a lot of people asking questions like, didn TMt you wear that yesterday? Well, yes I did and here TMs why. It TMs a good conversation starter.

Ashley set up a website and a Facebook page to promote The Purple Dress Project so she can raise some awareness and a little money by doing something fun.

Click on the link below to get involved with The Purple Dress Project.