A priceless family treasure

Sara Padorski sold a family treasure that was worth everything to her

A Jefferson city woman recently sold something she later wished she would have held on to.

It was a typical day of hunting for bargains at garage sales for Kenneth and Connie Wyss. They drove to Jefferson City from their home in Vienna, and while they weren't shopping for anything in particular, they knew there was always a treasure waiting for them if they were at the right sale at the right time.

Sara Padorski was having a garage sale at her home in Jefferson City. She was just hoping to get rid of some things she no longer needed, including three old computer towers.

"The tower that was left in the garage..I assumed it was cleared and that it could maybe be used for parts," she explained.

The Wyss's spotted the computer tower and thought it was something they could definitely use for parts.

"I asked her how much she wanted for it," Connie Wyss explained, "and she said five, and I said would you take two, and she said how about three? So we settled on three."

The Wyss's were on thier way with their three dollar bargain, but what they didn't realize is they had just bought a lifetime of memories that didn't mean anything to anyone, except the Padorski's.

Sara was later on the phone with her husband, proud of the sale she made. That's when they realized what had been done.

"Panic was what I immediately felt. Panic, when he said please tell me it was not that black tower that you sold," Sara said.

Turns out, all of their children's pictures from birth on were on the computer tower.

"We started thinking that there's probably pictures of the time when my husband was in Afghanistan and there's probably even video or pictures of when they were skyping with him during Christmas because that's how we opened presents. That's how we did it when he was gone," Sara said.

"I remember thinking what have I done, oh my gosh what have I done," she went on.

Sara didn't know who bought the computer, so she immediately turned to the internet for help. She put notices on Facebook and garage sale sites.

She also posted flyers around town. Sara was desperate to find her family pictures back.

Sara realized if she didn't get the pictures back, "That would have been a large portion of our family's history gone for three dollars."

A few days later, Connie just so happened to be on a garage sale page online and that's where she saw Sara's posts for help.

"Up on top, it said have you recently bought a computer for three dollars?" Connie said. "I actually clicked out of it and I thought, now wait a minute, I did. So I went back, read the article and I thought oh my gosh that's me and Kenny. We bought that."

They were able to connect, and a few days later, what was almost certain to have been gone forever, was back to its owner.

"I never thought I'd be so excited to see a piece of electronics," Sara exclaimed.

Sara will be forever grateful for the community getting the word out, but also the kind-hearted Wyss's.

"Well, if something like that happened to us, we'd like to have it returned," Kenneth and Connie said, "I

t was worth it. It was."

The Padorski's and Wyss's now say they'll be friends forever.

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