A new captain takes the helm

The original Glencove Resort was rebuilt after a devastating fire.

Vacation destinations such as the Lake of the Ozarks rely heavily on seasonal employees to do the hard work of making life fun for thousands of visitors each year.The majority of those part-time workers bid farewell at summer TMs end.

Occasionally, one becomes so smitten with the lake lifestyle that they decide to stay.

I worked three jobs when I was back home, Glencove Marina owner, Sherry Jackson recalled. I worked for three weeks, came down here for a week and then went back and did it again the next month.

Like many visitors to the Lake Area, Jackson fell in love with the gorgeous landscape and leisurely days on the water. Yet, a deeper kind of love inspired her to stay.

I was here on vacation with my father when I met my husband Bruce, Jackson said. After 18 months of commuting, I finally said, ~Bruce, I TMm tired of driving and I TMm moving down. TM I TMve been here ever since.

Soon after arriving, Jackson found her professional love in the offices at the old Glencove Resort. More than two decades later, she marvels at the many changes the business has undergone along the way.

I see all the changes that have happened over the years, Jackson said. They are so subtle when they do happen but when you look at them you TMre just in awe.

In 24 years as a loyal employee, Jackson garnered a wealth of expertise that will come in handy as she and husband, Bruce take ownership of Glencove Marina.

I TMve pretty much done it all, Jackson said. It has really helped me in what I TMm doing today. Now that I actually have 20 people dependent on me I really feel the ownership.

Located at the 3 MM, the original Glencove Resort was founded in 1987. Jackson came to work there two years later. Once comprised of five separate operations, Jackson plans to take the business back to its roots as a small town marina by focusing efforts on a single location.

We are not believers that ~bigger is always better, TM Jackson explained in a recent press release. It is our dream to take Glencove back to its roots as a home town marina.

Glencove has been a recognizable marine name here at the lake since 1984, she continued. And we are thrilled to be able to continue that tradition with an even heightened level of excellence and customer dedication.

It soon becomes obvious that Jackson views her new role as far more than the owner of a marina operation. Instead, she sees herself as the caretaker of a lake landmark that played a pivotal role in shaping her destiny.

My family has watched me grow up here, Jackson said. And now they enjoy sharing it with me,

In turn, she is committed to charting Glencove TMs course to a bright future.

It TMs a tremendous business that brings a lot of joy to many, many people, Jackson concluded. We absolutely love it.