A Mid-Missouri Influential woman graded with an A++

Lori Bailey has been by Suzanne's Latham's side as her teaching aide for years. Suzanne may be Autistic but she and Lori haven't allowed the diagnosis to hold her back.

Susan, Suzanne's mother told us, "Lori is the one that has been with Suzanne everyday. Everyday she is there. She is dealing with the melt-downs, the unwillingness to works and the little things that can cause the set backs.â??

Lori is very proud of Suzanne and admits everyday hasn't been easy. Lori said, "It's been a challenge, I will admit... but it has been very rewarding. She has helped me become who I am also, not just the other way around."

Lori has helped Suzanne gain the self-confidence to work more independently and function as most any other mainstream student.

Susan, Suzanne's mother said,
"I don't know what you say to someone who gives your child the opportunity at a normal life. I don't know how you thank them."

Reporter Carissa Biele said, "

I have only known Mrs. Bailey for a few minutes and I give her an A. Suzanne gives her an A++."

Lori has helped find Suzanne ways to do new things, like conversate in this interview. I asked Suzanne how Mrs. Bailey helped maker her the person she is today.

Suzanne Latham commented via computer,
"She has helped me do things I couldn't before. Got me to try new things and talk to people. She helped me learn how to calm down and try again when I'm overwhelmed. She made me try."

Suzanne was very proud to find out that we are spotlighting her teaching aide, Lori Bailey, as one of the most influential woman in Mid-Missouri.