A mid Missouri city celebrates 175 years

A mid Missouri town celebrated a big birthday Saturday.

It's New Bloomfield TMs 175th anniversary the city was founded in 1836

A parade of antique cars and tractors went through the city streets.

And 100 American flags lined the cemetery where the town's first residents are buried.

After the parade, residents gathered at the grave of Enoch Murry, the city's founder, for a ceremony.

"175 years of citizens being kind and good neighbors is the secret to our success and longevity and we'll keep this town alive for 175 more years, New Bloomfield resident Gracia Backer.

"It's part of our history, New Bloomfield area historical society president Jon Warren said. Why are we here, because it was founded and it's been a town for all of that length of time. We're proud of our history and we'd like to recognize it."

A wreath was put at the grave of Murray and his wife in memory of the town they are so grateful for.

People also got the chance to see some historic items on display, drink some fresh lemonade and experience some of what the culture might have been like 175 years ago.