A hinky adventure to a creek

We definitely found a lot of dry spots along the creek.

Milo and I have been cooped up for much of the summerâ?¦ either because Iâ??ve been super busy, out of town, or those 100+ degree days. I had enough this past weekend. Nothing was going to stand between me, Milo, and Mother Nature.

The goal for this trip was to test Miloâ??s bravery in the water. The past couple times weâ??ve gone to the dog park heâ??s ventured in further and further. I wanted to see if I could get him a point where he was willingly swimming. So, I checked out some close-by creeks to see where we could get to a nice, solid creek bed to hang out on and wade in the water if we wanted.

I found a great spot along Hinkson Creek near the parking lot we parked in when we went on our Capen Park adventure. The walk on the trail was the easy part. To get to the creek bed we had to venture through this.

I found a very faint trail to start out on, but it quickly faded as we lost sight of the gravel path. As usual, I was extremely cautious while we walked in the woods. With every step we took I was just waiting to encounter a creepy crawly. Not Milo though! He was as carefree as everâ?¦ loving all the scents, sticks, twists and turns. As he led the way to the creek, I couldnâ??t help but envy him and his happy-go-lucky demeanorâ?¦ then I would walk into spider web and quickly remember one of us needs to be on alert.

We finally reached the creek, and then it hit meâ?¦ DUH! Weâ??re in a drought! There wasnâ??t much water, and if it was moving I could hardly tell. The standing water was pretty icky, but there were parts we could walk in that I wouldnâ??t feel completely grossed out. So, not the most thought-out adventure weâ??ve been on, but oh well. We made the most of it!

Milo and I walked on the rocks, came across a nasty spider, some tiny frogs, and even a turtle shell. Milo started to pick it up and carry it with him, but quickly dropped it and moved on to a new distraction.

Finally it was time for the water test. We walked through the shallow creek for a while and stopped on a rock â??islandâ?? so to speakâ?¦ the direction we were headed had a pretty deep spot. Milo would have to doggy paddle his way to shore. I thought that was the only option for him when this happenedâ?¦


Milo jumped over the deep part of the water, landed in a shallower section, and while doing so nearly dragged me into that deep spot. I was not expecting that at all! He definitely outsmarted me there :)

Now getting back to the trail was the definition of an â??adventure with Milo.â?? Just as we entered the woods he pulled me into a tree branch (I still have a scrape and bruise). Then all of a sudden Milo got this huge burst of energy. He literally was running circles around me. What took 5 minutes to get down to the creek took us a whopping 60 seconds to get out thanks to Miloâ??s sprints. Take a look at our entire trip back hereâ?¦


As you can see in the video, Milo was having so much fun. Even though I thought it was scary running through the woods like we did, he was loving it so much I couldnâ??t help but laugh and giggle as he pulled me back to the gravel trail.

Stay tuned for more!

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