A Flaming & Fabulous Mid-Missouri Influential Woman

Kim Fitzsimmons may call herself an ordinary mother and grandmother, but to others, like her daughter Grace, "She is one of the awesome moms."
Kim was nominated as an influential woman in Mid-Missouri and for good reason...

She is described on our Facebook page as a "Dedicated, brave, firefighter for the Holts Summit Fire District." Kim's passion other than being a mother and grandmother lies within her fire district career.

Kim said, "I don't care if I am rolling hose, I don't care if I am hanging out in the department, I don't care if I am in the middle of a fire. I love every minute of every part of it."

Kim is currently a trainer for the department. Lt. Mike Morris spoke on behalf of the Fire District about his coworkers deserving nomination. He said, "She wants us to be as safe as we can while serving those in the district, which is what we are all here to do."

I found proof of Kim's third passion hanging on the station walls. These pictures are only a few of those snapped and edited by the talented and creative artist.

"Kim's influences reach further than Mid-Missouri. They reach coast to coast and then some."

Linda Bufford posted that "This fine outstanding young lady has traveled as her church photographer and has some very well done pictures of several mission trips to different countries."

Not to mention, Kim has over two thousand Facebook followers! Kim has one goal in mind for her thousands of friends. "I like to make people laugh, I like to make them happy, I like to see them smile."

For Kim, it is her turn to smile, as we honor her as an influential woman in Mid-Missouri.