A Boston Weekend

I TMve officially determined by new favorite city (other than Columbia and Jefferson City J) to be: Boston. I was there this past weekend, and had a great time with a great group of girls! One of my best friends who TMs getting married in April lives up there, so it was a half go see her new place and half bachelorette party.I was in the middle of my group of friends to get married. There were girls before me, and there will definitely be girls after me. It TMs nice to get to experience all the fun leading up to the wedding stuff again, even though it TMs not my wedding. This part-bachelorette weekend was especially fun because we got to visit a new city. The city really is beautiful, historic and at times, quaint. We got to visit the Harvard campus (and bookstore J) and walk around Cambridge. Cambridge is a really cute and trendy little town, with good shops and restaurants. We had some amazing food while we were there, too! An amazing authentic Italian dinner at Carmen in the famed North End, Mexican at Lolitas close by where my friend lives, and some best-dessert-you TMve-ever had cannolis from Mike TMs Pastries, where if I may add, there was a line at 10:30 at night. They were worth it though! My friend brought some home, and the entire route back to Missouri (cab, airport, etc.); we had people stopping us and telling us that those were the best cannoli in the country! I have to agree|I do have to mention though, that it wasn TMt the perfect ending to a perfect trip. For the second time this year, my baggage hasn TMt made it with me on my flight home! Another airline, another lost bag. Ridiculous. This time (as opposed to my Mexico flight in January), my bad was returned within a day. This was a pleasant surprise compared to the three days the time before| A step in the right direction!Happy April to everyone! Anyone playing any good April Fools jokes on anyone? I want to hear about them!!