A 10-year-old basketball player fights for more than a championship

A weekend youth tournament finished up Sunday night at Linn State Technical College.

Players from across Mid-Missouri tried to shoot their best free throws, play their best defense and run their fastest.

But there was one player there thatâ??s fighting for more than just the championship, he's fighting for his life.

He's 4-feet, 11-inches tall.

He weighs less than 100-pounds.

He's just ten years old, and has dreams just like any other kid his age of what he wants to be when he grows up.

"A professional football player," 10-year-old Jordon Geiser said.

But Jordon is fighting a fight no one else on the court Sunday night is fighting.

"Back in July of 2011 Jordon was diagnosed with non-Hodgkinâ??s Lymphoma," Jordonâ??s mother Angel said.

Before Jordonâ??s three tournament games on Sunday he took what he and his family hope to be his last chemotherapy treatment, which for the last six months have been in St. Louis.

"It's hard to drive for three hours and then drive back and it just kind of gets old," Jordon said.

His doctors told the Geiser's he's allowed to do most things 10-year-olds without cancer can do, like play basketball.

â??It's something you never want to see your child go through, but it's an encouragement to see that he's able to do it," angel said.

His sisters agree, both on and off the court, Jordon is a hero.

"It feels like he's better and he's getting through it,â?? Jordanâ??s younger sister Lauren said.

â??I just want him to make it through it and be cancer free," Jordonâ??s older sister Taylor said.

Jordan's team, the Rage, took first place at the Linn State Basketball Tournament Sunday night.

Jordan's mom said he will go for a scan in St. Louis on Tuesday and if everything looks good he will be finished with chemo and will be monitored by his doctors.