911 tax on April ballot would raise $9 million a year

911 tax on April ballot would raise $9 million a year

It appears Boone County voters will be deciding on a three-eighth cent sales tax on the April ballot.

Boone County Commissioners are expected to put the proposal on the ballot during their meeting on January 22.

The sales tax proposal would pay for a new 911 center and generate about $9 million a year.

Members of a blue ribbon committee to improve emergency management and 911 services in Boone County are working to separate those two departments.

Supporters of the tax increase say it would provide better equipment and more 911 operators during emergencies.

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey said, â??You cannot have a county this size and have one call taker for 911. Between the dispatchers and the call takers, you have five people in the room. Itâ??s just not enough.â??

Carey said the proposed 911 sales tax would pay off the initial expenses of a new 911 center and pay for continued upgrades, maintenance and personnel costs.