79-year-old man crashes into Sears store

Photo Credit: courtesy of Moberly Montior-Index

A 79-year-old man slammed his Jeep into a Sears storefront Wednesday morning.

The accident happened in Moberly shortly after 8 a.m. and comes exactly one week after a 64-year-old woman crashed her car into a Hallsville post office.

Richard Hill was in the Sears parking lot in Moberly around 8 a.m. when he accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake, according to police. The sudden acceleration "startled him," according to police.

Hill turned the wheel, driving into a propane tank storage compartment before barreling into the store's front glass. He sustained a facial injury but did not need medical attention.

As a precaution Moberly's fire department ventilated the area to eliminate any danger of a possible fire from the propane tanks.