72-year-old Powerlifting Champion

Imagine tying the world mark for the squat lift and setting a new record for the bench press and dead lift.

Now imagine doing all of the above at 72 years old.

One Fulton Missouri great-grandmother is a Powerlifting World champion.

Lenna is described as an ispiration, even to other World Champions, like her trainer, Bryan Beanland.

Bryan was competing in a World Championship himself when Lenna called him in 2010 asking for a trainer.

Bryan said, "Lenna is very inspiring to me. When I have a 72 year old telling me 'Lets get going,' that gives me that much more drive."

Lenna began training with Bryan at the age of 70, after she had a blood clot in her arm. Amid that and other medical challenges, Lenna set a goal to strengthen and improve her health.

Lenna explained, "There was no sparkle in my eyes, there was nothing. I was in so much pain. I was just defeated."

Bryan quickly saw a mental and physical strength in Lenna. "She had a goal which was just to get in shape but she was too good for that. I wanted her to be better."

Lenna Barker started competing in 2010 and a journey to numerous wins had begun.

Two years later Lenna told her mother, "This year (2012), I am going to give you something no one else in the world will be able to give you. I am going to make you, at age 96, the mother of a World Champion."

Lenna Barker kept her word, and brought home a gold medal from the Global Power-Lifting Alliance World Championship in Argentina last year.