7-year-old girl recovers from pitbull attack

A seven-year old Cuba, Mo. girl is home from the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull earlier this month.

On Feb. 5 a neighbor's pit bull mauled Lexi Middletown. The 100 pound dog took hold of Lexi's face and shook her like a rag doll.

The injuries were severe. Her cheekbone was shattered and she had puncture wounds in her throat. Lexi has undergone two surgeries, the first one lasting nine hours. However, doctors think she could need several more.

But for now, she is home recuperating.

"It was terrifying, Lexi TMs mother Deborah Middleton said. It can change your life. They say your life can change in a heartbeat, that's for sure."

As part of the recovery process, Lexi has to wiggle her nose, raise her eyebrows, smile and move the muscles in her face every day.

Her mother said Lexi hasn't said anything about the attack and doesn't seem ready to talk about it.

The dog was shot and killed after the attack. It's unclear who killed the animal.