$600 million powerball frenzy

The powerball jackpot has grown to be the largest prize in the game's history and the Worlds 2nd largest lottery payout.

The 600 million dollar giant jackpot even persuaded those who aren't normally fans of playing the lottery to take their chance.

Taylor Bradley, a Break Time store attendant says,

"I have never played the lottery in my life."

When asked w

hy she is playing today she told us, "

Because everyone else is buying a ticket! Who knows, I might win!"

Katie Schmidt, who rarely plays the lottery, stood in line at the gas station hoping playing for a 3rd time is a charm.

"I have played it like twice before... I'm feeling lucky!"

And one ticket holder wouldn't even share his real name for this broadcast. He says,

"I am very hesitant to give any personal information out because I am about to win six hundred million dollars."

Station attendant, Taylor Bradley, was astounded by the demand for "day of" powerball tickets during the first two hours of her work shift.

She exclaimed, "Already today, sheesh... like 30-40! Which is a lot."

Business Insider. com notes that if you want to guarantee one win of $4 minimum you would need to buy 35 tickets, each with a unique powerball number chosen by you, not the computer.

The site also shares that

one person would need to buy themselves 145 random computer quick draw tickets to be 99% sure that they have at least one winning entry.

An individual's

odd of winning is an astronomical 1 in 175million.

Given those odds, it is actually more likely that one might walk the red carpet with someone like Brad Pitt, become president, or get struck by lightening.

However, without a ticket, your chance of becoming six hundred million dollars richer over night or adding $376.9 hundred million in cash to your stash is zero.