58-years of wedded bliss

In 1953 17-year old Jo Ann Washburn was the new girl in town, having just moved from St. Louis to Steelville, Missouri.

Not long after her move, she saw the man she'd one day marry, Jim Litty.

"He had real pretty blond hair and a red plaid shirt on,â?? Jo Ann said. â??I told my girlfriend, I said, I think Iâ??m going to like this town."

But it wasn't happily ever after from there, Jim had a girlfriend but luckily, Jo Ann soon learned it wasn't that serious on a ride home from school one day.

"He put her in the middle and me on the side and as we were riding around he has his hand on her shoulder and he's playing with my hair and my shoulder," Jo Ann said.

Jim was constantly showing off trying to get his dream girl's attention.

"He passed us on a bridge on a curve and he could have been killed right there and his brother said that stupid guy, what is he doing,â?? Jo Ann said. â??He was trying to impress me is what he was trying to do."

All of Jimâ??s hard work finally paid off on July 10th 1954 when the two said "I do".

Nearly 58-years, a son, daughter and two granddaughters later the Litty's consider their marriage a normal one.

"Our marriage has worked because I am in love with her,â?? Jim Litty said. â??I have been ever since we got married. I never thought about anything else."

Jo Ann said it's worked because their faith and values have always been the same.

"I just don't think we had any problems because mostly our values were the same and he didn't want to go out drinking and I didn't want to go out partying and stuff that like,â?? Jo Ann said. â??We just sort of spent time together raising kids."

"We help each other, she helps me, I help her, whatever we need to do and I think that's what keeps it going," Jim said.

Jo Ann said Jim took the best years of her life and made them better.

If you live near holts summit you might recognize Jim Litty, he's also known as the tootsie roll man, because he always has the candy on hand and is more than happy to share.

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