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      57-year-old man causes disturbance with firearm

      The deputy reported Stump yelled â??I'm going to kill you, this is private property,â?? according to court records.

      Authorities are looking for a Phelps County man after he fired multiple rounds from a gun Tuesday night. A police officer responded to a home 17200-block of County Road 8260 around 8:50 p.m..The officer said when he got to the home where there were reports of shots fired, 57-year-old Larry Stump ran toward his direction with a handgun.The deputy reported Stump yelled ??I'm going to kill you, this is private property,?? according to court records.The deputy got his gun from the holster and took cover behind his patrol car.Stump continued to yell obscenities and death threats at the deputy.Officers from the Phelps County Sheriff Department, Rolla City Police, and Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the scene to help set up a perimeter. They tried to talk Stump into dropping the gun but got negative results.Stump took off into the woods and threatened to kill neighbors if they told the police where he was.He returned to his front porch a short time later shooting his gun once in an unknown direction while drinking an alcoholic beverage.Stump has been charged with second degree assault of a law enforcement officer and will be set on $250,000 bond.If you have any information please contact the Phelps County Sheriff's Department