5-year-old reminds us about the spirit of giving

Frantic shoppers are filling malls and stores as Christmas draws closer.

And many times with the hustle and bustle children in need are often overlooked.

One little boy in Jefferson City is following in his father's footsteps with the spirit of giving.

Xander Schmid is 5-years-old, 5 and a half to be precise and he's big on giving this holiday season.

For the second year in a row his father Michael brought him to Samuel's Tuxedo and Gifts to donate to Toys for Tots.

But this year Schmid found out there was a small problem.

"He called up and he said we went out shopping for toys over the weekend, can we drop them off, and I said well, the box is already gone but I TMll get somebody else here," store owner Sam Bushman said.

Wednesday evening, Bushman fulfilled the promise with marines ready to accept young Xander's toys.

"He's setting the example for adults and everyone else in the community at 5 years old," local Toys for Tots Coordinator and Marine Steve Diemler said.

For Michael Schmid, who's been donating to the program for years, it's all about teaching his son the spirit of giving.

"It makes me proud, his mother and I are trying to instill in him a sense of giving back and charity and hopefully it works," Michael Schmid said. He's got a lot of love and passion for life and he's very enthusiastic and if he can put that towards helping others it's a great thing."

"The fact that he wants to help others, other young kids to have a good, happy Christmas and I think that's just really wonderful," Bushman said.

The toys Xander donated aren't just any toys, they're carefully selected.

"He picks the toys out, he tells me what he thinks other kids would like, these gifts are 5-year-old approved," Michael Schmid said.

While most of them were no brainers, there were some difficult choices.

When asked if it was hard for him to pick out toys for the girls, Xander nodded.

The marines gave one of their youngest donors, Xander, a challenge coin to give thanks for his donations.

Xander also is excited for the man in red-- Santa-- to make a special stop at his house.

He's hoping to get some hot wheels.