3 more sentenced in federal sex slave case

The wife of a southwest Missouri man who tortured a young woman he kept as a sex slave has been sentenced in federal court along with two other men who participated in the abuse.

The Kansas City Star reports 48-year-old Marilyn Bagley received probation in Thursday's proceeding. 47-year-old James Noel and 65-year-old Michael Stokes both received five-year prison sentences.

Prosecutors say Bagley's husband, Edward, enticed an underage girl to be his sex slave, torturing and mutilating her. Others were allowed to view the torture sessions at Bagley's home in the southwest Missouri town of Lebanon.

Edward Bagley contended the young woman voluntarily engaged in bondage and sadomasochism after she turned 18.

Edward Bagley and two other men were sentenced Wednesday for their roles.