2010 ends with deadly tornadoes in Missouri

Authorities confirmed six deaths from Friday TMs storms, three in Arkansas and three more in Missouri.

All three of Arkansas' storm victims were from the small town of Cincinnati, about 20 miles west of Fayetteville.

A tornado touched down near the center of the town around six this morning causing numerous injuries and damaging many homes.

Missouri TMs victims were spread across two counties.

Dent County officials say two women died when the storm leveled their mobile home and Phelps County officials say a woman was killed when her home was destroyed about a mile north of Rolla.

Several hours after the storms tore through Arkansas, they took aim at mid-Missouri.

The storm hit Fort Leonard Wood and Rolla the hardest, but the holiday weekend may have prevented the disaster from being worse.

Sirens went off at Fort Leonard Wood around 9:30 Friday morning warning the base of the tornado about to strike.

The EF-3 twister left four people with minor injuries, damaged 12 homes on the army base beyond repair and damaged 12 more homes severely.

Winds uprooted trees and power lines and scattered debris across the base.

Search and rescue teams went door to door to make sure everyone was accounted for while electrical companies tried to restore power back to chunks of the base.

Soon after the tornado swept through Fort Leonard Wood, it made its next stop in Rolla.

Margaret Williams picked up bits and pieces of roof shingles and what use to be two sheds.

Many people put in this situation wouldn TMt know what to do or how to move forward but Williams is strong willed and a fighter.

"Clean up and go on," Williams said.

For Williams that's all she can do.

She said the storm was unlike anything she's ever seen before.

"I have been through a number of tornadoes before, but this was not like the usual, no green coloring, the sound didn't change or anything," Williams said.

Williams said within ten minutes the strong winds had left and heavy rain began to fall.

Within that time, the storm had flatted Williams' two sheds, demolished a neighbor's roof, and left power lines dangling.

"It comes so fast, you don't really get a chance to get that scared ya know? You just do what you gotta do," Williams said.

While it is a natural disaster that no one wants to happen, officials at Fort Leonard Wood said if there had to be a day for disaster, Friday was probably the best day since so many people had gone home for the holiday.

Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Friday.