2 suspected of meth production, arrested

Travis Campbell

Osage Beach Police Department arrested two men suspected of making meth in a car.

Frank Vincent, 29 of Clinton, Mo. and Travis Campbell, 25, of Eldon, Mo. were arrested after police found a 2-liter soda bottle, lithium cell phone batteries, other chemicals for shake n TM bake meth production and meth.

Police responded to the 3500 block of Highway 54 on Monday of reported suspicious activity involving occupants of a Dodge Neon. When police were talking to the driver of the Neon, Vincent, and the passenger, Campbell, they both became nervous.

When police smelled a strong chemical odor coming from the car, they searched the car to find meth.

Campbell and Vincent are being held in the Camden County Jail for parole violation, while Osage Beach police seek meth production charges.