100 year-old school bell returned to Russellville

A 100-year-old school bell has found its way back to Russellville.

The bell was removed from the old school in town, sometime around 1936.

It was sold at a local auction about 15 years ago.

Ben and Dorothy Goodin of Brazito bought the bell, and it's been on display at their house ever since.

Recently they decided it was time for the bell to go back to it's former home, so the Goodin's donated the bell.

Ben said, â??My wife and I thought, you know, this bell needs to go home because it's from the original school house in Russelville."

Dorothy added, "It's a Number 26 bell, which means, when it was rung, back before telephones, it could be heard for for 26 miles."

The district has placed it under a new, $30,000 donated sign at the entrance to the high school.