Students worry about losing scholarships

More than a hundred William Woods University students gathered Thursday afternoon to learn more about the possibility their scholarships could be cut over state budget woes.

Lawmakers are eyeing $80 million dollars in the Missouri Access fund to plug holes in the budget. The fund provides scholarships for state private school students who qualify.

Freshman Catherine Boyd was at the meeting. She wants to be a civics teacher after graduation.

"It's just so upsetting to see people my age have to give up on their dreams because of bad decisions that were made, student Catherine Boyd.

Along with scholarships, her parents are paying to send her and her sister to William Woods, though money is tight.

Boyd TMs not the only one wondering what if. At least 200 other William Woods students could be affected by the cuts. Administrators say they could lose $750,000 if lawmakers use the money to fill gaps in the budget. Some students say they'd have to drop out if that happened.

"I'm barely making it with the scholarships and grants I have right now, student Lisa Huntoon said. The Access Missouri money actually allows me to pay for my school. If I don't have that money, I have no choice. I can't go to school here and it's possible I may not even finish my education."

"If I wasn't here, I TMd drop out of college, student Kierra McCartney said.

"I don't have any other options, student Cory Harlan. And I don't want to leave here."

A decision that for now, seems to be in the hands of lawmakers.