Skelton, Hartzler battle their way to Congress

Congressman Ike Skelton

Fourth Congressional District candidate Vicky Hartzler fielded questions at the Capitol building Friday afternoon.

Although Hartzler invited her opponent, congressman Ike Skelton, he was not there.

The Republican talked about Skelton's campaign ads against her.

My opponent has waged the very very false and misleading ads and it is very disappointing," Hartzler said. "He knows that I am a supporter of veterans and I had a stellar record when I was a legislature of supporting the National guard."

A spokesman for congressman Skelton said in an email, When it comes to choosing the candidate who will stand up for our troops, the choice could not be more clear. as a state representative, Vicky Hartzler voted against our men and women in uniform and the Missouri National Guard. she has also proposed a freeze on funding for veterans' hospitals. the ads help educate the voters about her record."

Hartzler also touched upon the topic of unemployment.

"We have a 9.6 unemployment rate that came out today for just a month, we have 95,000 jobs lost in the month of September," Hartzler said. "So clearly, the stimulus package has not worked."

Hartzler feels as though she has has an insiders view on how to fix unemployment.

I'm a small business owner myself and my husband and I own three stores and we sell farm equipment so we know how to build jobs, Hartzler said.

Skelton's campaign sent this statement via email:

The Fourth District is home to Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood. Ike TMs work on the House Armed Services Committee has resulted in new missions and new construction for these bases and has helped make them into the economic engines they are for the district and for Missouri. Whiteman Air Force Base contributed more than $620 million to the local economy in 2009, and Fort Leonard Wood has an annual economic impact of about $2.1 billion. These bases support small business and thousands of jobs in fields such as construction, retail sales, and the service industry. And just this year, Ike announced two new missions for Whiteman, including a new Predator Drone control mission, and an additional $111 million in construction for Fort Leonard Wood."

Congressman Skelton will appear in a joint forum with Hartzler next week in St. Robert