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      Schweich will not face Democratic challenger

      Republican State Auditor Tom Schweich will not face a Democratic challenger to his reelection campaign.

      Tuesday marked the last day for candidate filing for the 2014 elections. No Democratic challenger to Schweich had filed by the 5 p.m. deadline. The state auditor's seat is the only statewide office on this year's ballot. The Missouri Democratic Party says Rep. Jay Swearingen, D-Kansas City, had considered challenging Schweich but ultimately decided not to run.

      "We were unable to find a serious challenger to run against Mr. Schweich after Rep. Swearingen withdrew," Missouri Democratic Party Chair Roy Temple said in a statement. "While this is disappointing, it will certainly make the 2016 GOP primary for Governor more interesting to watch."

      Schweich will not face a challenger from his own party, either.

      John Lamping, Schweich's campaign chair, told KRCG 13 he thought the lack of a Democratic challenger spoke to Schweich's success in office. Lamping said the campaign had checked state records going back to 1878 and found no prior instances of a major party missing out on a statewide election. He gave no indication Schweich would scale back his campaign, noting Schweich was still the top Republican candidate on the ballot.

      Schweich will not run unopposed. Sean O'Toole will run for state auditor on the Libertarian Party ticket, while Rodney Farthing will represent the Constitution Party. Both men are the only representatives of their respective parties in the race. Lamping said he doubted either candidate would garner more than 5 to 10 percent of the vote, though he added it would be interesting to see how they perform with only one major party in the race.