Rodeo clown apologizes for Obama routine

Rodeo clown gains support, Tuffy Gessling

The rodeo clown at the center of a political controversy is getting plenty of support through a Facebook page started for him.

Tuffy Gessling appears to be the clown involved in Saturday night's routine that involved him wearing a Barrack Obama mask while someone asked the crowd if they wanted to see "

Obama run down by a bull."

The Missouri State Fair Commission Monday barred the clown from ever appearing at the fair again.

The story has gained national attention and Tuffy Gessling nationwide support.

The Facebook page supporting him had more than 18,000 "Likes" a day after being created.

On his own Facebook page Tuffy Gessling wrote, "Thank you to the folks that are in support of what I did, and to those that I have offened l am sorry I never ment any harm."