Proposition C the day after

From the L.A Times to Fox News, Missouri and its overwhelming support for Prop C has taken center stage. There has been a lot of discussion about what this means for Democrats, and how it could effect them in the election this November. In Mid-Missouri there was strong support for Prop C.

Prop C passed in Cole and Callway counties with 75 percent of the vote, Boone County came in with 60 percent, Moniteau passed it with 78 percent, and Audrain had 76 percent. The widest margin in our area was in Miller County where Prop C passed with 81 percent of the vote.

A ccording to the St. Louis Post Dispatch the Missouri Hospital Association put more than $300,000 behind an effort to block Prop C. A spokesman said Wednesday they won't be involved in any lawsuit to stop the measure from going forward.

State Senator Jane Cunningham said she was thrilled with the Prop C result. She said she's already fighting off those critics who are discounting the people's vote.

S he said, "The notion that the federal law already trumps state law is a myth that seems to be perpetuated by those who disagree with what we did yesterday. There are a number of state laws that have trumped federal laws one of them is the Gonzales case in Oregon. No one is going to know the outcome of this, and no one is going to determine it no matter how many opinions are out there by lawyers except the nine people that sit on that Supreme Court."

C unningham also said if the high court strikes down Prop C, it would set a precedent that the government could make citizens buy products they don't want to buy.