Low voter turnout in Cole County

The Cole County Clerk said voter turnout for this year's municipal elections was low.

The Cole County Clerk Tuesday said voter turnout for this year's municipal elections appeared to be down slightly from last year.

"Usually if I can look at my absentee [ballots] I can get a good idea of what kind of turnout we're gonna have," Marvin Register said.

"But it wasn't that good this time. And from visiting the polls, it's not been a good turnout."

Cynthia Blosser, who worked a polling station at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Jefferson City Tuesday, agreed.

"I would say it's been pretty dismal. We've had 11 [voters] in almost two hours, so that's not very many," Blosser said.

Register attributes the low voter turnout to few races and issues on the ballot. However, he said voters should care about the races for three open school board seats.

"They're the ones that are making the rules and regulations for your kids in the schools," Register said.

"So those are important jobs, and you should want good people in that position."