HSUS sets sights on new Missouri initiative

Proposition B, or the Puppy Mill Law, was controversial before voters approved the measure last November. It became more controversial when lawmakers felt the law was bad for Missouri animal breeders and repealed it. Gov. Nixon eventually signed the repeal of the bill with the agreement lawmakers would write a compromise bill garnered between animals rights supporters and Missouri farmers.Now, the Humane Society of the United States, a staunch supporter of Prop B, is supporting another voter initiative in Missouri -- one that would make it harder for lawmakers to change voter-approved measures.The group contributed $93,000 to the new initiative. It requires a three-quarters vote of the House and Senate instead of a simple majority when lawmakers want to overturn voter-approved measures.Supports of the ballot initiative are still trying to gather enough signatures to qualify the initiative for a spot on the 2012 ballot.(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)