Glen Costales has big plans for Jefferson City 4th Ward

Glen Costales will unseat Carrie Tergin in Jefferson City's Fourth Ward. He will be sworn in April 21.

4th Ward Councilman-elect Glen Costales said once he's in office, he plans to focus on issues including public safety, infrastructure, and operating the city on a reasonable budget.

Costales beat Carrie Tergin by 47 votes to take the 4th Ward council seat Tuesday night. Costales received 537 votes while Tergin received 490 votes, roughly a 52 to 47 percent split.

Several 4th Ward residents said they think the city needs the change. "I am glad that Glen won," said resident Robert Deck. "The problems that we've had in there are still the same." I don't know how much one person on a council of ten can do, but at least it's heading in the right direction."

Deck said his vote was mainly influenced by the council's decision to move forward on plans for a conference center, which ultimately resulted in the Council rejecting both proposals that were on the table.

Deck said he thinks the city's resources should go elsewhere. "Why are they still spending the time and the money?" Deck said. "If the city people have that much time to work on a conference center, then maybe they don't need to meet every month."

Costales said when it comes to the conference center and other issues, the wishes of his constituency are the only things that count.

"Now that I'm elected, it's like I told people when I went door-to-door," Costales said. "My job is to vote the way they want me to vote as a majority, which means sometimes I'll make them happy, sometimes I won't."

Councilwoman Tergin said she is disappointed in the change, but she said the six years were worth it. "I really have made every decision fully in my heart to do what I believed was right and to listen to the constituents," Tergin said.

Costales will be sworn in April 21.