Fulton schools turn to voters for financial assistance

Bond money will be used to fix leaky roofs district-wide.

To keep as much district money in classrooms, the Fulton School Board placed a $7.3 million bond issue on the April 6 ballot.

The bond issue will not increase residents' tax rate.

The majority of the money will be used to maintain and improve buildings, like fixing leaky roofs that are nearly 20 years old and installing energy efficient lighting to cut costs.

The district also wants to move school offices at the high school and middle school right next to main entrance so staff can see everyone who enters the buildings.

Another safety upgrade include installing cameras in all buildings and buses.

"The student safety issues, we consider very critical," Fulton Superintendent Jacque Cowherd said. "We want those things to protect students. But quite frankly, if the bond issue does not pass, those student safety things will not happen."

Bond money is also scheduled to fund improvements at the athletic facility, specifically the baseball field.

Parents have citized the school board for improving the baseball field admist of budget cuts.

"I see the baseball field as a safety issue," Cowherd said. "Right now, we've got kids driving downtown to play ball."

Cowherd said that kind of liability, plus a lack of emergency shelter at the city-owned field, are just too dangerous for the district.

Many residents said they plan to vote "yes" on the school board ballot issue.

Follow the link below to check out district-made videos on the Fulton bond issue or to see informational brochures.