Ethics Commission disqualifies candidate

The Missouri Ethics Commission has disqualified a Boone County democratic candidate for presiding commissioner.

Ethics Commission Officials said Bondi Wood failed to file a personal financial disclosure statement by the April 21 deadline.

Her name will not appear on the August Primary or the November General Election ballot this year.

Wood claims that representatives of the Ethics Commission gave her the wrong information about filing her financial disclosure form.

Wood said she is not the only Missouri candidate to be disqualified because of errors at the Ethics Commission.

The typical number of disqualified candidates in Missouri runs between five and nine candidates per election cycle," Wood said. "This year, there are 45 across the state. There is a problem at the Ethics Commission and the information they are giving out. I TMm a victim of it.

The remaining candidates in the Boone County Presiding Commissioner race are Democrats Scott Christianson and John Sam Williamson and Republican Ed Robb.

Missouri Ethics Commission Executive Director Julie Allen said that she is confident that the commission followed all of the laws.

Allen said, I can TMt get into specifics about any one candidate. I can tell you, when a person files for office they are given notice of what they must do as a candidate. One of those things is the requirement to file a personal financial disclosure statement.

By law, the only way Wood can get her name back on the ballot is to sue Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren. Wood says she will not take her case to court because it would be too expensive for both her and Boone County taxpayers.

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