Dozens rally for immigration reform

Ralliers gather at Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer's office.

Over a dozen people rallied outside Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer's Jefferson City office Friday, calling on the congressman to support comprehensive immigration reform.

"The time is now. Now that the government shutdown is over and everyone is back to work we can't wait another day," Alison Dreith, of the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, said.

Dreith had her face painted with a skull in honor of the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead.

"I can think of no more appropriate day to come to the congressman's office to say 'people are dying at the border and it's time for it to stop,'" she said.

Luetkemeyer's press secretary, Paul Sloca, spoke to ralliers on the congressman's behalf.

He said Luetkemeyer supports reform and knows that things need to be improved. However, he does not believe in amnesty for those who came to the country illegally and have been living here for years.

"[Luetkemeyer] believes this is a country of laws and people who break the law shouldn't be rewarded. And he feels like that's what amnesty would do. So he certainly would not support that aspect of it," Sloca said.

He added that Luetkemeyer sees border patrol and preventing illegal persons and substances from crossing the border as priorities.

He added that the congressman believes each issue should be carefully considered in a step-by-step process before coming to any conclusions.